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Solving Business Email Compromise (BEC)

The IC3 received 21,489 Business Email Compromise (BEC) complaints in 2023, with adjusted losses over $2.9 billion.

We can't rely solely on users to do the right thing, so we automated them out of the phishing identification process.

How are we different?

Zero Touch.

Zero Trust.

Zero Guessing.

We have what others lack:


GTG.Online logo

Are you GTG ?

Good To Go (GTG).Online is transforming the landscape of Enterprise Email Security.

Say farewell to phishing emails—our system operates without the need for human intervention.

Our platform, designed for Microsoft M365, employs an innovative approach to email security by leveraging proven Web3 technology. This ensures 100% verification of the sender for every email deemed Verified.

GTG Inspector

Visualize the
Threat Surface

GTG Inspector is a tool designed for cybersecurity professionals to assess Microsoft M365 environments.

Developed by veteran penetration testers, it simplifies the process of evaluating Email Security.

This tool helps professionals identify indicators of compromise (IoCs), which are essential for developing an effective plan to mitigate Phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) threats.

GTG Enterprise

Executive Impersonation

GTG Enterprise proactively and immediately eliminates Executive Impersonation Phishing Attacks with Web3-level accuracy.

It also provides robust protection against phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) across all federated email domains.

This ensures a high level of security for your corporate communication channels, supply chain, and business partners starting at $1 per account.

GTG Federated

GTG Federated enhances email security by linking all GTG Enterprise customers together into a unified network that provides global verification capabilities.

This out-of-band system uses cryptographically resistant encryption methods and is 100% privacy-preserving, ensuring secure and verified email communication while bolstering protection against Business Email Compromise (BEC).

GTG Buddy

GTG Buddy, is an industry-first Solopreneur Channel Partner program. It enables transitioning tech workers and veterans to launch their own cyber consulting and reselling businesses using GTG Inspector.

Participants certified as a Buddy can serve as GTG.Online Certified vCISOs, eligible to provide services and resell GTG.Online Solutions. They receive comprehensive support from GTG.Online's support, sales, and product teams, empowering them to succeed in the cybersecurity field.

Secure Supply Chain Email Communications

Partner Program

A Proven Plan for Success...

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