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GTG Enterprise


Who? GTG Enterprise
What? Business Email Compromise (BEC) Protection Platform
Where? https://GTG.Online/enterprise
When? Continuously Monitor M365 for Lateral Threat Movement
How? Read-only API Integration
Why? To stop Executive Impersonation and other BEC attacks while  providing Monitoring, Protection, and Alerting of lateral threat movement in Microsoft M365 Environments.

Intuitive Dashboards for Reporting, Alerting, and Analytics

Privacy Preserving

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GTG Enterprise

What does this do?

GTG Enterprise is a Business Email Compromise (BEC) Prevention Platform. Using information from GTG Inspector Report, will allow you to configure GTG Enterprise to provide: 100% email verification of all Internal Email Accounts, thus eliminating Executive Impersonation Attacks with Web 3.0 Precision.

When should I use this?

This tool should be used as part of a Business Email Compromise (BEC) Mitigation Plan to conduct regular audits of the M365 Environment. Users subject to CSF, NIST 800-171, and Secure Supply Chain related mandates may satisfy annual assessment and continuous monitoring requirements using this platform.

Where can I get this?

GTG Enterprise is available via the Azure Marketplace and via GTG.Online direct sales team at

How will I benefit from this?

GTG Enterprise can immediately stop Business Impersonation Attacks using Web 3.0 Level Precision. Business Impersonation attacks cost companies billions annually. Attackers pretend to be key personnel, such as a CFO or CEO, via email. They attempt to pressure employees into committing fraud through social engineering and coercion. Stop these attacks immediately and receive advanced alerts on your most phished employees with GTG Enterprise.

How much does this cost?

GTG Enterprise is available in two formats: Azure Hosted, priced at $1.00 USD per account annually, and an Air-Gapped format, priced at $2.00 USD per account annually.

Each order includes Next Business Day Email Support and 1 year of updates as standard.

For premium support options, you can opt for 24/7 (Secure Video Teleconference) Support, which is available for $1,200 USD annually
for Azure Hosted and $2,400 USD annually for Air-Gapped Remote Support.

Please note that there is currently a minimum order requirement of 500 accounts to support our teams effectively. Details and restrictions apply, so we recommend consulting a Sales Engineer for more information.

Who should use it?

GTG Enterprise is intended to complement Vulnerability Management (VM) tools such as Nessus, Qualys, and nMAP. Candidates who have experience conducting assessments and audits using these tools are likely to derive immediate benefits from GTG Enterprise. Additionally, individuals with expertise in Exchange, M365, and Cybersecurity Auditing are strong candidates.

Please note that GTG Enterprise is a Continuous Monitoring tool designed for Retro Threat Hunting within M365 Environments, ensuring privacy preservation. Additional users may include email and Active Directory (AD) administrators, as well as network/cloud administrators.

How do I use it?

GTG Enterprise comes in two formats: Azure Hosted and Air-Gapped. When you log in to GTG Enterprise, you will be prompted for the Microsoft Graph API Credentials (Read Only) and assessment parameters needed to configure your GTG Enterprise workflows and protection policies. Most environments can be set up in under an hour.

Who can help me?

GTG Enterprise comes standard with next business day email support. We also offer premium (video teleconference support) for an additional fee.

Also, any GTG Certified "Buddy" is able to provide support on all GTG Products. To learn more about the GTG Buddy Program, check out:

How long does this take?

GTG Enterprise is multi-threaded and can scale with error correcting to ensure stability and reliability. Most Inspections take under an hour to conduct. Larger environments may take longer depending on the number of accounts and messages. Over 95% of GTG Enterprise Proofs of Value (PoV) are done in a single 1-3 hour call.

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