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GTG Inspector

Who? GTG Inspector
What? Email Threat Hunting and Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
Where? https://GTG.Online/inspector
When? Anytime on demand.
How? Cloud or Air-Gapped Network Download
Why? To assess Microsoft M365 Environments for lateral threat movement and other Indicators of Compromise (IoC).

Intuitive Design

Privacy Preserving

Level Analysis

24/7 Support Available

Air-Gapped Capable

Training and Certification Available

GTG Inspector

What does this do?

GTG Inspector is an Email Threat Hunting and Visualization Tool for Microsoft M365 Environments.

The tool helps professionals identify indicators of compromise (IoCs), which are essential for developing an effective plan to mitigate Phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) threats.

The tool is designed to be used in parallel to Vulnerability Management (VM) tools (IE: Nessus, Qualys, nMAP) to enumerate m365 mailbox accounts and artifacts.

When should I use this?

This tool should be used as part of a Business Email Compromise (BEC) Mitigation Plan to conduct regular audits of all M365 Environments.

Where can I get this?

GTG Inspector is available via the Azure Marketplace and via GTG.Online direct sales team at

How will I benefit from this?

The average BEC Compromise takes 266 days on average to discover and contain. GTG Inspector helps find indicators of compromise that will allow you to take proactive measures to stop attacks such as a Ransomware Attack from spreading undetected by legacy email security solutions.

How much does this cost?

GTG Inspector comes in two formats: Azure Hosted, which costs $1,795.00 USD per year, and an Air-Gapped format for $2,645.00 USD per year.

Each comes with Next Business Day Email Support and 1 year of updates included as standard.

Premium 24/7 (Secure Video Teleconference) Support is available for $400 USD annually.

Details and restrictions apply. Consult a Sales Engineer for more information.

Who should use it?

GTG Inspector was designed to be used parallel to Vulnerability Management (VM) and Compliance Auditing tools (IE: Nessus, Qualys, nMAP).


Candidates with a background conducting vulnerability assessments and compliance audits are the most likely to find immediate benefit from the tool.

Individuals with Exchange, M365, and Cybersecurity Auditing experience are also strong candidates.

How do I use it?

GTG Inspector comes in two formats: Azure Hosted and Air-Gapped. When you login to GTG Inspector, you will be prompted for the Microsoft Graph API Credentials (Read Only) and assessment parameters needed to generate your GTG Inspector Report. Once you've configured the assessment, you can execute the assessment. Most Environments can be assessed in under and hour.

Who can help me?

GTG Inspector comes standard with next business day email support. We also offer premium (video teleconference support) for an additional fee.

Also, any GTG Certified "Buddy" is able to provide support on all GTG Products. To learn more about the GTG Buddy Program, check out:

How long does this take?

GTG Inspector is multi-threaded and can scale with error correction to ensure stability and reliability. Most inspections take under an hour to conduct.

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