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Don’t Let Email Security Be a Nail In Your Side

Email remains both an indispensable tool and a formidable vulnerability. The threat landscape is expanding at an accelerated pace, and email is one of the most targeted attack vectors. Phishing attacks and Business Email Compromise (BEC) have skyrocketed, with recent statistics revealing an 81% increase in BEC incidents alone.

The FBI Internet Crime Report (IC3) reported adjusted losses of over $2.9 billion from BEC attacks in 2023. One source clarified, “By comparison, ransomware cost a ‘paltry’ 34 million. That means BEC costs more than ransomware (the industry “boogeyman”) by a factor of nearly 79 times.”

These attacks are sophisticated, relentless, and often devastating, forcing organizations to scrutinize every message and slowing down the very processes email was meant to streamline.

The Golden Age of Email: A Time of Trust and Efficiency

Reflecting on the past, there was a time when email could be trusted implicitly.

I remember when email communication was efficient, and responses were nearly automated because the sender's identity was never in question. Back then, proprietary email systems provided a level of security and assurance that made business operations smooth and fast. The efficiency of email was unmatched, and it played a crucial role in automating workflows and enhancing productivity.

Unfortunately, those days are gone. Today, the horror stories of fraudulent emails seemingly from a CEO or CFO instructing a payment approval are all too common. Even worse, entire organizations can be crippled by ransomware delivered via a simple email attachment. This shift has turned email from a trusted communication tool into a battleground where every message is suspect.

The Dog on the Nail: A Parable for Email Security Complacency

This scenario brings to mind a parable I believe I first heard from Zig Ziglar or Jim Rohn about the dog on the nail.

Imagine a dog lying on a porch, constantly whining in discomfort. When asked why the dog is whimpering, the owner explains that the dog is lying on a nail. The person asks why the dog doesn’t simply move, and the owner explains the dog has always lied in that same spot and isn't in enough pain to get up.

Many organizations today find themselves in a similar predicament with their legacy email security systems. They recognize the inadequacies and vulnerabilities in their email security architecture and complain about the constant threats. However, they lack the motivation or will to seek out and adopt new solutions that could effectively address these issues.

Organizations using outdated email security measures are like the dog on the nail. They are aware of the discomfort and the potential dangers, yet they remain complacent, opting to endure the pain rather than taking action to find a better solution. This complacency leaves them exposed to the growing threat of email-based attacks.

GTG.Online: A Practical and Effective Solution

For those who would rather get off of the nail, there is GTG.Online. GTG offers a practical and innovative solution that promises to address the core problems plaguing email security today. Unlike other vendors who fail to cover the "last mile" of email security, GTG has developed an architecture that verifies the identity of email senders—both external and internal—which is often the weakest link in an organization’s security chain.

Out-of-Band Monitoring and Blockchain Technology

GTG's solution is straightforward yet profoundly effective. By implementing out-of-band monitoring and leveraging blockchain technology for non-repudiation, GTG ensures that the sender's identity is validated and the message's integrity is maintained from origin to destination. This approach not only prevents unauthorized access but also guarantees that the email content remains unaltered.

Blockchain technology is a game-changer in email security. It provides a tamper-proof record of every email transaction, ensuring that any attempt to alter the message or spoof the sender is immediately detectable. This level of security is unparalleled and offers peace of mind to organizations that their communications are protected.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

What sets GTG apart is its compatibility with existing anti-spam and email security solutions, providing an additional layer of verification that seamlessly integrates into an organization’s infrastructure. This extra layer of security is crucial because it addresses the often overlooked internal threats, where compromised accounts within the organization can be just as damaging—or often more—as external attacks.

GTG's architecture is designed to be easily implemented without disrupting existing workflows. It enhances the security measures already in place, ensuring comprehensive protection against a wide range of email threats.

Affordable and Scalable Pricing

In terms of cost, GTG's pricing model is refreshingly straightforward—around a dollar per user, plus maintenance. This makes it an affordable option for organizations of all sizes, ensuring that robust email security is accessible without breaking the bank.

The affordability and scalability of GTG's solution mean that even small businesses can benefit from enterprise-level security. This democratization of advanced email security is essential in today's threat landscape, where attackers often target smaller organizations with fewer resources.

Time to Move Forward: Embracing Innovative Email Security

The time has come for organizations to stop being the dog on the nail.

The constant discomfort and risk posed by inadequate email security are not worth enduring when a practical, effective solution is within reach. GTG.Online offers the tools necessary to defend against the ever-evolving email-based threats, restoring the efficiency and trust that email communication once promised.

It's time to move forward, adopt innovative solutions, and secure our email communications against the sophisticated attacks of today and tomorrow. GTG.Online provides a pathway to enhanced security, ensuring that every email received is from who it claims to be and that the message arrives unaltered and secure.

This is the future of email security—a future where efficiency and trust are restored. Contact us now to see a demo and learn more about how you can rethink your email security: Contact GTG.Online.

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